The Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio makes it easy for you to get started dancing.


Dance Lesson Pricing

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Our StudioWhen you’re looking to commit to something long-term, you want to make sure it’s a good fit. You take the car around the block for a test drive, visit the house a few times to check out the neighborhood and picture your couch in the family room, go on more than a few dates to make sure the person you’re thinking is the one doesn’t slurp the spaghetti or insult the taxi driver. It’s important.

We know this, and that’s why we encourage you to check out the Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio for your own introductory lesson. You’ll get a feel for some of our instructors and get the chance to fall in love with dance once again.


Professional Instructors = Lots of Fun

If you’re feeling intimidated about working with instructors who have danced professionally, don’t be—their aim is to keep dancing as fun as possible. The goal is to learn enough to feel comfortable on the dance floor. Ideally, we’d love you to fall in love with both the physical and psychological awesomeness that comes from ballroom dancing and dedicate your life to it the way our folks have. But what all of these dedicated instructors want is for you to get the most out of your dancing opportunity and to help you reach your goals!


Get the Most for Your Money

We love our instructional “unit” plan, which simply means that you get the most instruction and practice for your money. Each “unit” includes one private lesson, two group lessons, and a practice session or party—all so that you can make sure that the dance skills you’re gaining in private practice still works on the crowded dance floor. All of this and you can try it out for free. Give the Austin Arthur Murray Studio a call to schedule your complimentary dance lesson—no obligation, just your chance to test drive the chance to get fit, have fun, and gain a few impressive dance moves in the process.


Please call or click the dance studio for prices or to book your free lesson! 512-454-7663


Arthur Murray Basic Introductory Package:

1 Private Evaluation Lesson
4 Private Lessons
8 Group Lessons
4 Practice Sessions

Arthur Murray DELUXE Introductory Package:

1 Private Evaluation Lesson
6 Private Lessons
12 Group Lessons
6 Parties or Practice Lessons

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Unit Pricing:

Arthur Murray Dance Studios makes it simple and easy for you. Our tried and true teaching method of using Private Lessons, Group Classes and Practice Sessions will get you out and dancing in the most cost effective and efficient (and FUN) way possible! 

We package all of our programs as sets of “Units”.

A "Unit" is:

1 Private lesson
2 group lessons
1 party or practice session


Group Classes

We also offer Group Classes and A La Carte Group Dance classes.

Payment Options

We have convenient payment plans available.