Learn to Dance

learning-danceIs dance a good alternative to the gym?

We can’t say that you should pass up the gym for the dance studio, but we can say that dancing is a fantastic way to stay in shape.  You’ll improve your cardiovascular health as you move your entire body, your muscle strength and agility, and your posture and balance as well.  Many Olympic athletes study dance as a part of their training regime, pointing to its ability to improve control, speed, and balance as crucial to their training schedule.  

What is the best studio in Austin, Texas?
We might be slightly biased, but of course it’s Arthur Murray Austin! The combination of our expert instructional staff, with years of professional experience, along with the variety of our dance class offerings and our tendency to win competitions makes our dance studio the strongest in the area.  

I’ve been told that I have two left feet. Can I learn to dance?

We understand not feeling confident in your abilities when you walk through the door of Arthur Murray Austin, but just remember: we are experts! We have successfully taught thousands of students, ranging from children to senior citizens, to find their rhythm and their feet.  We like to say that dancing is as easy as walking, once you’ve been trained by an expert and have given it some practice.

How long will learning to dance take? Will I have to dedicate all of my time to it? 

After your first lesson, you’ll be able to dance. How’s that? Of course, we doubt you’ll want to stop there. How long your instruction takes is up to you and how proficient you want to become.  You’ll learn four simple movements that each dance builds upon and then practice them until you are happy with your progress. We offer weekly private lessons, group instruction, and full group practice sessions, along with trips to local dance clubs for true on-the-job training.


How much do dance lessons cost? Do I have to pay for all of them upfront? 
Because our lessons are customized to your needs and your schedule, this is a hard question to answer generally.  After your first, free consultation, your instructor will have a better idea about what program will best suit you. 
You can work your payments into your schedule as well.  We offer convenient payment plans, along with multiple forms of payment including payments in advance, monthly payments, bank drafts, and all major credit cards. It couldn’t be more easy! 

Can I work my dance lessons into my schedule? 
Absolutely! We have a full and varied weekly and monthly lesson schedule, which should allow you to choose the options that work best for you and for your unique circumstances.  Individual instruction is also available. 

Will I be working with a qualified teacher? 
Every Arthur Murray Austin instructor must complete an arduous training program to become qualified to teach students, but our instructors here also have a wealth of additional professional experience.  Our instructors have worked as choreographers, been professional dancers, and have performed and coached in competition level dance.    

Which teacher is best at preparing students for competition-level dance?
You will be in good hands with any of our instructors.

Do I need any special equipment?

Nothing is required, no, but just like you’ll probably have a more successful soccer experience with cleats rather than flip flops, we believe your dance experience will be greatly enhanced with the right footwear.  Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio can help you order what will work best for you.