dance-lesson-showcase-studio09Most people have a very specific mental picture of the disco era, and it normally involves John Travolta in a white suit. That makes sense, since one of the iconic films of the era, and one that best shows the way disco lessons can pay off, is Saturday Night Fever. Despite the outcry against the fad in the 1980s, disco as a dance genre is far from dead. In fact, disco lessons are some of our most popular options for those who are looking to add a little fun to their Friday nights, stemming from a revival of the musical genre in 2013.


Disco made an impact on pop culture

Disco began in the early 1970s, a reaction to the rock music of the 1960s and a discrimination against dance music. It found its sound from a combination of funk, Latin, psychedelic, and soul music, and is typically characterized by a distinctly electronic sound. In the 1970s, the music was made popular by some of the era’s most famous artists—Donna Summer, called the Queen of Disco, ABBA, and of course the Bee Gees. It’s not disco if there isn’t a steady.


Disco lessons brings back the fun of the ‘70s—without the bad hair

You don’t have to embrace everything about the 1970s to decide to learn this fun retro dance style. Trust us—the bad hair and the frightening lapels are gone for good (we hope!)—at least on the dance floor they are! Disco has now been embraced by the very popular swing style; you may hear it referred to as the hustle or the swing hustle. If you’re picturing a line dance with pointing fingers, you’re not quite thinking of the partner dance that you’ll learn here.

The disco lesson you’ll receive at Arthur Murray Austin will teach you the partner version of the hustle or the swing hustle, which looks a lot like traditional swing dancing. Couples dance in one spot on the floor, and the steps are somewhat similar to traditional swing—both feature a rock step and turns—but the rhythm and timing are different, as are the order of the steps. If you think, because you know swing, that you don’t need disco lessons, you might be mistaken. The swing hustle has its own personality—let us show you how to make it look easy while you’re on the dance floor!


Use Disco Lessons to Impress at your next function

Whenever “Dancing Queen” is played at a reception or party, it’s hard not to want to hit the dance floor. Why not be prepared to pull out all the stops by showing your friends and family what you’ve been doing with those disco lessons? You’ll have a great time, learn some new moves (that most people may have forgotten!), and keep yourself in shape. The swing hustle is a dance that will help you stay young physically and emotionally!

learning-danceIs dance a good alternative to the gym?

We can’t say that you should pass up the gym for the dance studio, but we can say that dancing is a fantastic way to stay in shape.  You’ll improve your cardiovascular health as you move your entire body, your muscle strength and agility, and your posture and balance as well.  Many Olympic athletes study dance as a part of their training regime, pointing to its ability to improve control, speed, and balance as crucial to their training schedule.  

What is the best studio in Austin, Texas?
We might be slightly biased, but of course it’s Arthur Murray Austin! The combination of our expert instructional staff, with years of professional experience, along with the variety of our dance class offerings and our tendency to win competitions makes our dance studio the strongest in the area.  

I’ve been told that I have two left feet. Can I learn to dance?

We understand not feeling confident in your abilities when you walk through the door of Arthur Murray Austin, but just remember: we are experts! We have successfully taught thousands of students, ranging from children to senior citizens, to find their rhythm and their feet.  We like to say that dancing is as easy as walking, once you’ve been trained by an expert and have given it some practice.

How long will learning to dance take? Will I have to dedicate all of my time to it? 

After your first lesson, you’ll be able to dance. How’s that? Of course, we doubt you’ll want to stop there. How long your instruction takes is up to you and how proficient you want to become.  You’ll learn four simple movements that each dance builds upon and then practice them until you are happy with your progress. We offer weekly private lessons, group instruction, and full group practice sessions, along with trips to local dance clubs for true on-the-job training.


How much do dance lessons cost? Do I have to pay for all of them upfront? 
Because our lessons are customized to your needs and your schedule, this is a hard question to answer generally.  After your first, free consultation, your instructor will have a better idea about what program will best suit you. 
You can work your payments into your schedule as well.  We offer convenient payment plans, along with multiple forms of payment including payments in advance, monthly payments, bank drafts, and all major credit cards. It couldn’t be more easy! 

Can I work my dance lessons into my schedule? 
Absolutely! We have a full and varied weekly and monthly lesson schedule, which should allow you to choose the options that work best for you and for your unique circumstances.  Individual instruction is also available. 

Will I be working with a qualified teacher? 
Every Arthur Murray Austin instructor must complete an arduous training program to become qualified to teach students, but our instructors here also have a wealth of additional professional experience.  Our instructors have worked as choreographers, been professional dancers, and have performed and coached in competition level dance.    

Which teacher is best at preparing students for competition-level dance?
You will be in good hands with any of our instructors.

Do I need any special equipment?

Nothing is required, no, but just like you’ll probably have a more successful soccer experience with cleats rather than flip flops, we believe your dance experience will be greatly enhanced with the right footwear.  Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio can help you order what will work best for you. 

dance lessons austin texas

Best Dance Studio In Austin That's Why

You can take dance lessons just about anywhere but if you want to LEARN TO DANCE, the Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio is for you! We are Austin’s oldest continually running dance studio – we have been in operation in the Austin area for over 60 years! Only the Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio uses the 3-way method of teaching with Private lessons, Group classes and Practice classes. We have small class sizes so you can count on personalized service – even in a group class setting. We have classes for Adults, Teenagers and kid’s – Singles and Couples. Our instructors are certified in all of the partner social dances and get out and dancing comfortably in any social situation or take you to the competitive level – it is up to you! Most importantly, all of this is done in a relaxed, positive and fun environment. Our instructors are skilled in working with all types of learning styles. Come check us out. One lesson and you will see why the Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio is THE place for dance lessons in Austin!

Kids and Teens Build Skills with Dance

Part of being a parent is being able to assess when your children need some extra enrichment. Even if their monosyllabic responses to your questions about school seem to indicate that they are, indeed, “fine,” every kid needs and deserves the chance to find some new talents. Dance lessons are the perfect way to uncover the natural musician or athlete in your child, and our weekly classes for kids and teens make that easier than ever.

Build New Skills with Weekly Dance Lessons

For better or worse, the daily grind of childhood and adolescence don’t always lend themselves toward earning grace and poise. Adding dance lessons can allow your kids to learn skills that have been all but lost from a life of video games and online socializing. But weekly dance classes at Arthur Murray Austin will allow dancers to naturally learn grace, poise, and etiquette as they master the art of ballroom, latin, or country western dancing.

Exercise Can Be Fun with Dancing

Children often get exercise through sports and outdoor activities, but not every teen is involved in these activities. For those who don’t get enough physical activity elsewhere, or don’t seem to like sports, weekly dance lessons can teach them how much fun physical activity can be. They’ll be building muscle and cardiovascular endurance while having fun! By allowing them to choose their favorite dance genre to learn, they’ll be enjoying themselves and learning something that they’ll be able to use later on. Whatever you choose, Arthur Murray Austin is great option. They’ll spend time with new friends, building their physical strength and their social skills as well.



The Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio makes it easy for you to get started dancing.


Dance Lesson Pricing

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Our StudioWhen you’re looking to commit to something long-term, you want to make sure it’s a good fit. You take the car around the block for a test drive, visit the house a few times to check out the neighborhood and picture your couch in the family room, go on more than a few dates to make sure the person you’re thinking is the one doesn’t slurp the spaghetti or insult the taxi driver. It’s important.

We know this, and that’s why we encourage you to check out the Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio for your own introductory lesson. You’ll get a feel for some of our instructors and get the chance to fall in love with dance once again.


Professional Instructors = Lots of Fun

If you’re feeling intimidated about working with instructors who have danced professionally, don’t be—their aim is to keep dancing as fun as possible. The goal is to learn enough to feel comfortable on the dance floor. Ideally, we’d love you to fall in love with both the physical and psychological awesomeness that comes from ballroom dancing and dedicate your life to it the way our folks have. But what all of these dedicated instructors want is for you to get the most out of your dancing opportunity and to help you reach your goals!


Get the Most for Your Money

We love our instructional “unit” plan, which simply means that you get the most instruction and practice for your money. Each “unit” includes one private lesson, two group lessons, and a practice session or party—all so that you can make sure that the dance skills you’re gaining in private practice still works on the crowded dance floor. All of this and you can try it out for free. Give the Austin Arthur Murray Studio a call to schedule your complimentary dance lesson—no obligation, just your chance to test drive the chance to get fit, have fun, and gain a few impressive dance moves in the process.


Please call or click the dance studio for prices or to book your free lesson! 512-454-7663


Arthur Murray Basic Introductory Package

4 Private lessons
Newcomer Foundations Classes &
Unlimited Parties & Practice sessions

Arthur Murray Deluxe Introductory Package

6 Private lessons
Newcomer Foundation Classes &
Unlimited Parties & Practice sessions


We have convenient payment plans available.

It was not so long ago that a couple’s first dance as man and wife, as special as it was, was only an effervescent memory -- a fact that was no small blessing for couples who happened to be poor dancers. With the advent of home video, a newlywed couple's first dance is almost always recorded on tape, available down through the years for all of posterity to see.

That’s why prospective brides and grooms who want to give a polished and graceful performance on the their big day are increasingly opting to take dance lessons to help prepare for what may be the performance of their lifetimes.

If you are planning to get married, here are a few tips from the experts on learning to dance in preparation for your wedding:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Remember that your schedule will get very hectic as your wedding day approaches.
  • Dance instructors recommend starting four to six months earlier to allow more time for practice, especially if you are a newcomer to dancing.

Let us help you make that first dance a dance to remember. We can tailor a program for you to your specific music and needs. We can even design a program for your entire wedding party.


Listed below are some of our wedding packages. With every package, you get a complimentary private evaluation lesson and the assurance that you will be learning to dance from the best.


Give us a call (512) 454-7663 to schedule your first lesson or for more information.


Basic Wedding Dance Package

1 Private Evaluation Lesson
4 Private Lessons 4 Group & 4 Practice classes

Deluxe Wedding Dance Package

1 Private Evaluation Lesson
6 Private Lessons 6 Group & 6 Practice classes
Basic Choreography

Premiere Wedding Dance Package

1 Private Evaluation Lesson
12 Private Lessons 12 Group & 12 Practice classes
Complimentary Music editing
Choreography for your first dance

Wedding Dance Music Editing

We can edit your music.
(Included in Deluxe & Premiere Wedding Package)


Private Group Classes

Let us help get the entire wedding party ready! We can provide private group classes in most any type of dance to get you more comfortable on the dance floor.


Wedding & Reception Hosting

We hope that you will consider the Arthur Murray Dance Studio for more than just dance lessons for that all-so-special first dance. Yes, we have been teaching the world to dance since 1912 and have been in Austin for over 50 years but we are also the perfect location for your reception or party. With over 2,000 square feet and 4 dance floors, we can accommodate up to 120 guests for your wedding ceremony and reception – all in one great location and with plenty of free parking! We can provide full music and light systems to make yours an event to remember. Bring your own DJ or use ours (DJ service is included in your rental).

Call us at (512) 454-7663 for rental rates or to schedule a tour of our facilities.


Remember that dance lessons can actually be a stress reliever. Dancing is good exercise. And lessons pull you out of the hustle and bustle of the day to spend an hour or so with your intended, having fun and working together productively at the same time.


Besides the Waltz and other traditional dances, the Mambo, Salsa, Swing and even the Hustle are all popular at weddings today.


If you plan to dance to a special song at your reception, feel free to bring a recording of it to your dance lessons so you can work on it with your instructor.
(And don’t forget to coordinate with your wedding videographer to the best "coverage" of your special dance.)


Learning to dance for your wedding is a special gift that you and your spouse-to-be can give to each other. Feeling confident and poised when you dance together will ensure that your very first dance together as wife and husband will be a memory you will cherish forever. Arthur Murray has a variety of Wedding Dance Packages available from the simple but elegant to the grand production.


SAS 0 020Our Country Western Dancing Is More Than Just Lines

While line dancing and two-stepping are probably the most famous to most beginners, the wide variety of country dances in our classes will keep your toes tapping with new and entertaining moves each week.

Tackle the Popular Country Dances First

That means, of course, the two-step and line dancing. In our weekly classes, you’ll have the opportunity to tackle both single dances, like the “Cotton-Eyed Joe” line dance, as well as partnered two-steps. Did you know that the two-step has three different, distinct styles? You’ll learn all three--the two-step, Texas two-step, and the Progressive two-step—in our classes!

Mix It Up With Some Fusion Dances

You may not expect to hear “latin” and “country” in the same sentences, but some of our most popular dances owe their rhythm to the latin world. The three step is one of those fusion dances that mixes the best of both of these musical worlds. You’ll also learn a fusion swing called the Shuffle or the Traveling Swing, along with the standard swing.

Stick With Some Old Standards

But the heart of country western dancing is a few of the old dance standards—namely the waltz and the polka. Both dances have anchored ballroom dancing for more than a century, and have spawned a few variations that we cover in our classes. Exploring the depth of this fun genre is part of the joy of these weekly classes. You'll work on your rhythm, find some new steps, and love your newly acquired fitness plan! Come join us at Arthur Murray Austin!