Our Teen Waltz Class happens every Thursday, at 6:00 P.M. This waltz class, or any dance class, is an ideal way for a teenager to learn social skills and improve self confidence.

Physical Benefits of Waltz Classes

Dancing, and in particular ballroom style dances such as a waltz, are known to improve posture and physical coordination. This can lead to improved performances in other physical activities such as sports and cheerleading. Other benefits of learning to dance include an improvement in balance, memorization skills, and creative expression. Of course, in a world where we spend so much time in front of computer screens, getting any basic exercise is always a great idea.


There are so many reasons to stay involved in ongoing dance classes. Dance lessons are wonderful for physical fitness and stress relief. Dancing together is a romantic date night activity. You can make new friends during dance classes. Another great reason to keep dancing with us is the fun and challenge of competitions!

Qualified Instructors Who Love What They Do!


The highlight of any wedding reception is the first dance of the newly married couple. It’s a beautiful tradition that symbolizes the start of the bride and groom’s new life together. The tradition of a “first dance” dates back to possibly the 17th century. It was originally a tradition at formal balls that were hosted by wealthy families. It was custom for the guests of honor, or the hosts, to have the first dance of the evening. Once the first dance had been completed, the rest of the guests were welcome to hit the dance floor! What used to be social etiquette is now a cherished wedding tradition.


From Vaudeville to The Ballroom

The foxtrot is one of the staples of ballroom dancing. Although there are different stories about its origin, it is commonly thought to have originated in the Summer of 1914 by Vaudeville actor Harry Fox. Fox was performing in a show called Jardin de Danse, on the roof of the New York Theatre. As part of his act, he did “trotting” steps to ragtime music. People began referring to this dance as “Fox’s Trot”. It captured the attention of famed exhibition dancers, Vernon and Irene Castle, who included a variation of it as part of their touring act.

Beginners Welcome at Our Studio

Have you thought about starting dance lessons, but hesitate because of inexperience? Are you unsure about which type of dance class is the best fit for you? We understand this, and that’s why we encourage you to check out the Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio for your own introductory lesson. You’ll get to meet some of our instructors, see our studio, and discuss what type of classes are available. Everyone starts somewhere, and our talented, friendly instructors will have you dancing with confidence in no time at all!

Overall Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids


Summer will soon be here, and you might be wondering what activities would be best to keep your children active and happy. If your child isn’t interested in the competitive nature of team sports, dance classes for kids can be a fun alternative. Most children naturally love music. Even toddlers will instinctively bounce and sway to music that they like. Kids’ dance classes enhance that natural love of music and movement, and channels it into physical exercise and discipline with many health benefits. Instead of traditional ballet classes for kids, try to interest them in a type of dance that appeals to their individual personality. Friendships can be formed over mutual musical tastes. A young country music fan might be more excited about learning line-dancing and the two-step. High energy swing dancing could appeal to a young person who likes jazz and pop music. Allowing your child to choose what genre of dance appeals to them, means that they’ll have fun while improving their health.


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