Overall Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids


Summer will soon be here, and you might be wondering what activities would be best to keep your children active and happy. If your child isn’t interested in the competitive nature of team sports, dance classes for kids can be a fun alternative. Most children naturally love music. Even toddlers will instinctively bounce and sway to music that they like. Kids’ dance classes enhance that natural love of music and movement, and channels it into physical exercise and discipline with many health benefits. Instead of traditional ballet classes for kids, try to interest them in a type of dance that appeals to their individual personality. Friendships can be formed over mutual musical tastes. A young country music fan might be more excited about learning line-dancing and the two-step. High energy swing dancing could appeal to a young person who likes jazz and pop music. Allowing your child to choose what genre of dance appeals to them, means that they’ll have fun while improving their health.


We start with Lindy Hop at 1:00 pm and swing on over to West Coast Swing at 2:00 pm. Cost is $15 per workshop or $25 for both. Call the studio at 512-454-7663 for more information or to reserve a spot.


Skip the basketball—dance with us this March!

It seems like just yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year at Arthur Murray Austin, with a fabulous party that kept everybody talking for weeks. Now here we are, at the brink of springtime and warm weather, and March is proving to be an amazing time to find (and embrace) your inner dancer with our variety of dance classes.


Dance lessons are just the start at Arthur Murray Austin

One of the things that we love most about doing what we do is the way that we help dancers of all ages and all backgrounds reconnect with their rhythm and, as a result, with a more healthy lifestyle. Dance lessons are excellent exercise—whether you are a newcomer or a bronze level champ—and they help you gain an appreciation and love for all that your body can do. Dancing is one of the most entertaining way you can get yourself in shape for summer fun! Think about all of the calories you’ll burn in a Swing class or in a Salsa dance lesson.


Dance classes offer something for everyone

One of the things we pride ourselves in at Arthur Murray Austin is providing our dancers with a variety of dance classes—because dance lessons are not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Not only do we have several levels—newcomer, intermediate, and bronze—but we also have a host of different dance styles to choose from. This month, for example, you could take dance lessons focused on the Tango, Rumba, or Salsa, the Quickstep or Waltz, or you could send your kids and teens to a Lindy Hop class. We also offer workshops for those participating in dance lessons at different levels—core isolations or styling are just a few examples—to allow you to work on your skills.


Saturday, March 15th

Shake off that cold weather and learn to dance HOT with our DANCE WORKSHOP on Saturday, March 15th.
Our special guest instructor will be DONOVAN DOMINGUEZ – the 2009 Arthur Murray 9-Dance Champion.
Come and polish up your dance moves and pick up some new choreography. Cost is only $20 per person per session.
Come by the Arthur Murray Studio or call us at 512-454-7663 to reserve a spot – space is limited!

Workshop Schedule
10:00 am ------- Sexy Rumba (Basic/Intermediate)
10:45 am ------- Hot Tango (Basic/Intermediate)
11:30 am ------- Really Sexy Samba (Intermediate/Advanced)
12:15 pm ------- Bolero (Intermediate/Advanced)

There are also private coaching sessions available. Call the studio for available times.


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Come “Feel The Love” at the Austin Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Join us this Friday night, February 14th for our Valentine’s “Feel the Love” Party. We will have refreshments, student and staff exhibitions and plenty of general dancing. The fun starts at 8:30 pm and goes to 10:00 pm. Free for current Arthur Murray students, guests are $10. Call (512) 454-7663 for more information.



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