Welcome to Arthur Murray Austin

When you look for a place to take dance lessons, you may not be thinking about the need to become a well-rounded dancer.  A dance studio is a dance studio is a dance studio. Right? Wrong.  At Arthur Murray Austin, we have constructed a program of dance lessons that helps you become a complete dancer rather than someone who simply excels in a one-on-one lesson.

Learn to Dance in a Studio With Experience

If you want to be successful, first and foremost you must find the best teachers. At Arthur Murray Austin, we have dance studio instructors with decades of professional experience and teaching experience. The two layers of knowledge work seamlessly together to create a dance studio that is second to none in helping students reach their dance goals.   You’ll learn the steps, the fundamentals, through their skillful teaching and you’ll learn the style and panache of performance because of their professional experience.  It’s the best of both worlds—and the foundation of our dance studio.

Enjoy Layered Dance Lessons At Arthur Murray Austin Dance Studio

When you come to the Arthur Murray Austin Dance Studio, you won’t find just one type of dance lesson. You’ll experience individual instruction, one-on-one coaching that will allow you to truly grasp the fundamentals, as well as small group dance lessons. The combination will allow you to develop multiple facets of your budding talent, and our weekly parties allow you to put it all together in a real life scenario. Most people aren’t looking to learn to dance by themselves or in small groups—they want to rock the wedding dance floor, take a loved one out on the town, or just feel at home whenever dinner turns to dancing on a romantic date at home. Whatever your goals, our multi-faceted dance studio’s approach will help you find what you need.