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Learn Disco Dancing At Arthur Murray Austin

Most people have a very specific mental picture of the disco era, and it normally involves John Travolta in a white suit. That makes sense, since one of the iconic films of the era, and one that best shows the way disco lessons can pay off, is Saturday Night Fever. Despite the outcry against the fad in the 1980s, disco as a dance genre is far from dead. In fact, disco lessons are some of our most popular options for those who are looking to add a little fun to their Friday nights, stemming from a revival of the musical genre in 2013.

Disco Made An Impact On Pop Culture

Disco began in the early 1970s, a reaction to the rock music of the 1960s and a discrimination against dance music. It found its sound from a combination of funk, Latin, psychedelic, and soul music, and is typically characterized by a distinctly electronic sound. In the 1970s, the music was made popular by some of the era’s most famous artists—Donna Summer, called the Queen of Disco, ABBA, and of course the Bee Gees. It’s not disco if there isn’t a steady.


You don’t have to embrace everything about the 1970s to decide to learn this fun retro dance style. Trust us—the bad hair and the frightening lapels are gone for good (we hope!)—at least on the dance floor they are! Disco has now been embraced by the very popular swing style; you may hear it referred to as the hustle or the swing hustle. If you’re picturing a line dance with pointing fingers, you’re not quite thinking of the partner dance that you’ll learn here. 

The disco lesson you’ll receive at Arthur Murray Austin will teach you the partner version of the hustle or the swing hustle, which looks a lot like traditional swing dancing. Couples dance in one spot on the floor, and the steps are somewhat similar to traditional swing—both feature a rock step and turns—but the rhythm and timing are different, as are the order of the steps. If you think, because you know swing, that you don’t need disco lessons, you might be mistaken. The swing hustle has its own personality—let us show you how to make it look easy while you’re on the dance floor!

Use Disco Lessons to Impress at your next function

Whenever “Dancing Queen” is played at a reception or party, it’s hard not to want to hit the dance floor. Why not be prepared to pull out all the stops by showing your friends and family what you’ve been doing with those disco lessons? You’ll have a great time, learn some new moves (that most people may have forgotten!), and keep yourself in shape. The swing hustle is a dance that will help you stay young physically and emotionally!

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