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Learn to Dance from the BEST. Austin's oldest and most trusted dance studio for over 50 years!

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Learn to Dance for Your Wedding!
Schedule a free one on one dance lesson to get started. Arthur Murray perfected the method which enables quick and easy learning.

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Singles Are Welcome at Arthur Murray!
Whether you want to learn to dance for your health, enjoyment or for an upcoming reunion or special event, we can help.

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From Country Western to Tango
Arthur Murray instructors provide professional instruction on many different types of dancing.

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We Offer Teen and Kids Classes
Your children will learn to dance and have improved self confidence, etiquette and poise when you start them with Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

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Couples Dance Classes and Group Lessons
Dancing is a great activity to enjoy as a couple. Dance lessons are a great way to spend some much needed time together.

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Low Impact Exercise
Dancing is great for folks of all ages and is a great way to stay in shape without harming your body.

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Bond Night at Arthur Murray Dance Studio.
Some of our instructors.
Mambo Kings Festival Party.
Over 100 Years!
Medal Party at Arthur Murray

Coming Up!

Mon Apr 21 @ 6:45PM - 07:30PM
Newcomer Rumba
Mon Apr 21 @ 7:30PM - 08:15PM
Intermediate Merengue
Mon Apr 21 @ 8:15PM - 09:00PM
Silver Foxtrot
Mon Apr 21 @ 8:15PM - 09:00PM
Newcomer Practice
Tue Apr 22 @ 6:00PM - 06:45PM
Kid's/Teen Class Cha Cha
Tue Apr 22 @ 6:45PM - 07:30PM
Newcomer Swing
Tue Apr 22 @ 7:30PM - 08:15PM
Intermediate Progressive 2-Step
Tue Apr 22 @ 8:15PM - 09:00PM
Intermediate West Coast Swing
Tue Apr 22 @ 9:00PM - 09:45PM
Practice Session
Wed Apr 23 @ 6:45PM - 07:30PM
Intermediate Samba

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Work for Arthur Murray

Become a part of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio team and tradition. Arthur Murray, the leader in ballroom dancing, is looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals who would like to earn great pay and excellent benefits in the world of dance instruction. Whether you are an experienced dancer or not, you too can be a part of the Arthur Murray instructor team.

After an application and interview, if you are selected, you will be invited to participate in the Arthur Murray instructor training program. Our training program is a course that will teach you all of the hottest and latest dances around, such as swing, salsa, tango, and more! Be taught and trained by certified and world recognized dance professionals with the most comprehensive dance syllabus around. Best of all, the training is free! Contact us today at 512-454-7663 Google+