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There are so many reasons to stay involved in ongoing dance classes. Dance lessons are wonderful for physical fitness and stress relief. Dancing together is a romantic date night activity. You can make new friends during dance classes. Another great reason to keep dancing with us is the fun and challenge of competitions!

Qualified Instructors Who Love What They Do!

Our talented and experienced instructors encourage interested students of all levels to participate in competitions. Competitions are a thrilling way to show off the skills you’ve learned. In turn, you can find inspiration from the creativity of other dancers. Our dance instructors have decades worth of combined experience, along with a diverse background of performance and artistic direction. We want to teach you more than simply how to dance; we want to teach you how to be a dancer!

Competition Can Be Good For You

Studies have shown that a moderate level of competition can be good for us. Competing promotes personal growth, and encourages creativity. We would have never landed on the moon, or have access to the internet, without healthy competition. Perhaps most importantly, being competitive teaches and motivates individuals. Sure, you will probably make mistakes at a competition. It happens to everyone. Learn from the mistake; resolve to “fix” it, and you can take it as a positive experience for yourself. Then, you’ll do even better at the next Dance Competition event!

Contact us if you are ready to start a journey of dance lessons and competition. We love what we do, and are very proud of all our students.

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