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Waltz Lessons For Teens

Our Teen Waltz Class happens every Thursday, at 6:00 P.M. This waltz class, or any dance class, is an ideal way for a teenager to learn social skills and improve self confidence.

Physical Benefits Of Waltz Classes

Dancing, and in particular ballroom style dances such as a waltz, are known to improve posture and physical coordination. This can lead to improved performances in other physical activities such as sports and cheerleading. Other benefits of learning to dance include an improvement in balance, memorization skills, and creative expression. Of course, in a world where we spend so much time in front of computer screens, getting any basic exercise is always a great idea.

Social Benefits of Waltz Classes

It’s not always easy being a teenager. Even the people who were thought of as “popular” in high school, will tell you now, as adults, how awkward and insecure they felt during those years. Dance lessons are a great way for teens to learn a few basic social skills, and gain confidence when interacting with others. Participating in a dance class with peers teaches teenagers basic etiquette and conversation skills.

Establishing new friendships is also a natural result of learning to dance with others. If your teen enjoys dance lessons now, he or she might consider taking more classes into adulthood. There is definitely a “dance community” at our studios, and we want the teen students to become adult members of that community in the coming years.

Contact us, if you are interested in our Teen Waltz Class, or any other dance class for your teenager. We look forward to hearing from you.

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